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Your Specialized Tours

We can put together a tour package for you to see our beautiful Island. Your experience will be memorable for a lifetime. Or choose one below. Your transportation to your desired tour location will be scenic taking you through many towns and parishes that make Jamaica Awesome.

Little Ochie

A 4 hour journey through the Jamaica’s beautiful landscape towns and parishes

up to 6 persons, from $155 per tour

Martha's Brae River Raft

North Coast Tour includes Rose Hall, Martha’s Brae and Glistening Waters

Up to 6 persons from $200

“The Best Seafood”

Little Ochie


Located on Jamaica’s south coast at Alligator pond, Little Ochie is known as one the best places for great seafood. Caught daily you can choose your fish and have it steamed, fried (escovitch) or jerked to your liking. Then find a spot on the beach inside one of many fishermen boats that is set up for dining. Enjoy your meal!

This tour take approximately 4 hours to reach

Martha's Brae River Tour

Enjoy river rafting on Martha’s Brae River. It begins about 6 miles from Falmouth on the western edge of Trelawny Parish. Relax and enjoy some of Jamaica’s fantastic views of nature while you captain  take you a peaceful romantic 3 mile journey lasting up to 90 mins.

We show you the beauty of Jamaica by giving you the experience that most tourist never see. View the details of this incredible all day tour

Fresh food, Souvenirs, Jewelry and fun sites on your shopping tour. You can pre-book your tour before you arrive in Jamaica we will be ready for you when you arrive.

Dinner & Supper

We are serving for your new gastronomic pleasures – every dish gets unique and total commitment from our chef and it’s team of cooks.

Glistening waters tour

Glitening Waters tour