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One of the beautiful Beaches of Port Antonio in Jamaica

Port Antonio Tour

Port Antonio Tour

On this tour we should leave no later than 7:00 am because it is the longest
and strenuous tour we offer. From Runaway Bay we drive along the North coast
easbound through Ocho Rios, Port Maria and Annatto Bay. We will Stop and
have breakfast in Buff Bay.

Along the way you will see large Banana-Plantations and many beautiful beaches
You will have the choice to stop at some of these places and enjoy the day
of we can take the longway via port antonio, Boston Bay to the beach falls.
The way is long, but the beauties of the rainforest nature in this water
fall makes everyone forget about the long journey.

After we refresh in the cool water everyone will be hungry again and we
will stop on our way back to Boston Bay where we will have the best jerk
food Jamaica has to offer. Don’t care what you like they will have it…
pork, chicken, lobster or sausage.

From there we head west along the northern coast back to runaway bay.

This tour price accommodates for 4 persons
Attractions require an additional fee per guest upon arrival


$600 / Once / Per Accommodation

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